Friday, January 9, 2009

Unarmed, young, innocent and Black -Robbie Tolan, shot by police in his own driveway New Years Eve.

 It doesn't look like the year is off to a good start for us,
Oscar Grant was not the only casualty of a police bullet.
Are these cops trying to deliver a message?
It really is high time we got off our asses and
started demanding full accountability
by any means necessary.

According to family members, Robbie Tolan and 
his cousin were returning to Tolan's home in the 
mostly white Houston suburb of Bellaire in the early
 hours of December 31, when they were approached 
by officers who suspected the SUV they had just gotten 
out of was stolen.

Tolan's parents, who own the SUV, came out of the 
house to explain the situation. An altercation ensued 
and Tolan's mother was thrown against the garage 
door by an officer. According to Tolan's uncle, 
"Her son was on his back at the time, and he raised up and asked, 
'What are you doing to my mom?' and the officer shot him 
-- while he was on the ground."

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