Saturday, December 1, 2012

Africa Today and host Walter Turner

Walter Turner's Africa Today - 

One of the most important issues in the African community is the dissemenation of information. Whether we're living in the US, Europe, South America, the Carribean or on the continent of Africa itself, we need all the reliable sources of news and information that we can find. I consider the Radio program / Podcast "Africa Today" Aired on Mondays on KPFA Radio to be one of the best sources of knowledge on the subject of Africa and African peoples that one can find.

Africa Today host - Professor Walter Turner 

 The host Walter Turner, "is a Professor of History and Chairperson of the Social Sciences Department at the College of Marin in Kentfield, California, instructing courses in United States History, African History, and African American History. Walter is also President of the Board of Directors of Global Exchange, and is an African News analyst for Pacifica Radio Station KPFA."

 Prof Turner has conducted hundreds of interviews and has spoken at many events with prominent and knowledgeable women and men from throughout Africa and the African Diaspora. Prof. Turner's selection of interviewees and choice of subject matter is on the pulse of what's going on in the  Afrocentric world now. Many of these interviews  are available at the KPFA archives where they may be downloaded individually or better yet you can subscribe and have them all podcasted to a podcast aggregator (reader). Which is what I'd recommend because they are  all compellingly interesting and informative. If you don't have a podcast reader I suggest iTunes because it's easy to use and is an excellent way to play and record audio and video files.

These podcasts will make great subject matter for students and discussion groups who are trying to expand their knowledge of conpemporary issues involving Africans and people of african descent worldwide.
 I will go so far as to suggest that people can come together online and form a weekly discussion around the program of the week.  This could be located in a classroom, community center or on one or more of the Afrocentric forums that are available online. Another possibility would be for several bloggers to encourage their readers to get involved with discussing current programs. However we do it keep in mind it's and excellent educational opportunity that I'm sure is being grossly under-utilized.

 I am always looking forward to the next program, you will be too if you're interested some solid alternate info out of Africa and you think that the media in general is failing us.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

African World History - The Save Nubia Project

 For  many years we have been told that Africans have made no significant contributions to the history of mans civilization and that Egypt although on the continent was developed by people from outside of Africa. The heritage sites of Sudan disprove this claim and they are at present at risk of being lost due to the activity of dam building. Please make yourself aware of what is happening in this part of Africa and involve yourself in whatever way you can in the preservation of our heritage.

"5000 years of African history will be lost!"

The mission of the Save Nubia Project (SNP) is to help raise national and international awareness about the pending flooding of the central areas of the ancient Kushite and Nubian civilizations in the Sudan. There are a series of dams (from the 2nd through 5th cataracts) scheduled for construction, each of which will cause the Nile River to back up and create a reservoir and flood countless ancient archaeological sites and displace well over 100,000 local Sudanese people. Thus, the Save Nubia Project’s task is to document that the dam construction areas in northern and central Sudan are valuable World Heritage Sites that are in danger of being destroyed, and should be preserved.

Prof.Manu Ampim

"Professor Manu Ampim is an historian and primary (first-hand) researcher specializing in African and African American history and culture. He has a B.S. in Business Management and M.A. in History/African American Studies. His master thesis, “The Revolutionary Martin Luther King, Jr.” (1989) is being expanded into a two-volume work entitled, “Martin Luther King: The Evolution of a Revolutionary.”
His latest work is the “Save Nubia” campaign to help preserve the archaeological sites of ancient Nubia and Kush in the Sudan, which are threatened by the construction of dams. "

Goto The Race & History Site and see the article: Nubia Is Older Than Egypt