Monday, April 8, 2013

Will Home Grown Be The Way of the Future?

MediaMaker 2012: Kristi Adams

During WWI and WWII Americans grew food in backyards, on balconies, in parks, wherever they could. At their peak, these gardeners yielded 40% of the produce consumed in the US. The government encouraged localized food production to conserve scarce fuel and labor. Today, citizens across the country are reviving the spirit of these gardens, but this time they face many obstacles and little support. From the Ground Up is an upbeat documentary project about gardeners in three municipalities: San Francisco, Sacramento, and Holyoke, comparing and contrasting these modern urban farmers with the Victory Gardeners. This project consists of a feature length documentary and opportunities to participate in fun, engaging, practical activities, as well as a series of live events… As we see these people engage in their local food system, we ask: Can urban farms nourish and rejuvenate our communities? Plant a seed, nurture it, grow something amazing.

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Angela Davis on the Prison Abolishment Movement

Angela Davis on the Prison Abolishment Movement, Frederick Douglass, the 40th Anniversary of Her Arrest and President Obama's First Two Years

This excellent interview is worth the 3/4 of an hour to watch.

interviewed and produced by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now ( Oct.19, 2010 *
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