Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gay Marriage Controversy in The Hood

Don't vote for Obama, God says it's wrong (Anti-Gay Richmond pastor goes...

 Well, now it's on. The great debate over gay marriage has moved into the hood. While I definitely have an opinion about that. I don't really think, that we should at this time place this topic at the top of our list of things to clear up. At this time all Black folks straight and gay, married and single, young and old, you get the picture, need to be concentrating on the top 5 things that Black folks need to make our priority. You'll notice I haven't said what these top 5 things are. That's because we haven't yet defined them for ourselves. We just keep jumping from one thing to the next as the subject comes up or more likely as we are led to it by the mainstream media. I challenge you all to come up with a consensual top 5 list for the year 2012 and then distribute it, discuss it, act on it and when 2013 comes along renew or modify it as applicable for that year. In my opinion if we can actually come together and address even one of these top 5 things with any kind of unity then then the topic of gay marriage might take on a lot less importance for many of us who take such a unified stance.