Friday, July 13, 2012


I was scanning a web site called Our Legaci and I came across an article entitled                       Black Women Start Online Boycott Against Colorism In The Black Community  which mentioned a video featuring negative comments that Black celebrities have stated about Black women.      
You can read that article by following the link above. I was inspired to do a "Black is Beautiful" search which finally translated to a "Negro É Lindo" image search and this is what I found. Interpret it anyway you want to, the results speak
for themselves.

Click Here to see the web site where I found these images - there are lots more equally Negro Y Lindo.

The 2 Beauties above came from BLOG DA TŸTA                                                                                       Now I could find many examples of Beauty in Black but I'll leave that up to you. Please don't let those clowns in Hollywood and Madison Ave. continue to define beauty or anything else because they do have an agenda and our best interest is not on it.