Sunday, November 23, 2008

Harlem Heritage Highlighted

I was sifting through iTunes recently and dug up in iTunes U.
a very interesting course called ; 

Harlem's Heritage -Harlem Digital Archive.
Instructor - Manning Marable

It includes a dozen podcasts in the form of lectures, that will prove very interesting to anyone interested in Black American history.

These podcasts can be downloaded freely and would make a rich source of material for anyone wishing to share this part of our history with children, discussion groups or however your imagination permits.

A dozen podcasts presented by Columbia University's Center for new media, teaching and learning. (CNMTL)

Taken from classes and events at Columbia University on and related to Harlem, these podcasts are part of the Harlem Digital Archive. A repository
for teaching and learning materials that can be taught in the University, libraries and Museums.

Professor Leith Mullings

Professor J. Yolande Daniels

Professor Samuel Roberts

Sandhya Shukla

Professor Kimberly Johnson

Professor Manning Marable

Professor Farah Jasmine Griffin

Professor David J. Maurrasse

Malcolm X's Political Thought and Legacy

Malcolm X, Women and Gender

Whose Book is This?

The Assassination of Malcolm X and it's Aftermath

This material is taken from the rich and extensive archive at Columbia University about 
Black Americana and Harlem in particular. 

The material found at Columbia on iTunes U is just the tip of the iceberg visit:

The Harlem Digital Archive:

A Television, Education, and Library Project
A collaborative project of
The Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning
Intelligent Television
Digital Knowledge Ventures and
Columbia University Libraries