Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Oscar Grant's killer back on trial" on the @colorofchange blog

Well who'd a thought it?
Who knows how many other people he brutalized under the guise of a public servant. The man is a public menace, who wouldn't hesitate to shoot an unarmed incapacitated man in the back. Apparently he had no qualms about beating another man who was out-numbered as well. I think it's pretty safe to assess that he and his ilk are cowards that have no business being in a position where they are able to abuse their authority and the system does itself a disservice by not taking those who do abuse that position, to task. There will come a time when the karmic chickens come home to roost and those who did try to do right by the job will suffer along with the rest."Oscar Grant's killer back on trial" on the @colorofchange blog