Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fred Hampton Born_August 30, 1948 - Taken_December 4, 1969

Fred Hampton Born August 30, 1948
Fred Hampton was a dynamic young Black leader who was eliminated before reaching the prime of his life. Before his death at 21 years of age Hampton along with many other young Black men of his caliber, during the mid to late sixties, had begun to organize the people with the aim of becoming self reliant, to take control of their own communities and to take responsibility for the defense of their neighborhoods. Please share the story of Fred Hampton  in order for young people today to have the knowledge of the sacrifices that Fred Hampton and his courageous confreres made so that we might continue to strive for self sufficiency, security and prosperity in our places of birth.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

I won't forget the year I spent in the Bay Area. It was in the mid seventies, a long way from Montreal, which I had been my home for the past six or seven years. The music on the radio was very different from the stuff I had been lisening to in the east. I actually picked up a nice little Teac stereo cassette recorder, at the Alemeda Flea Market and used to record right off the radio. If I liked a piece, I'd keep it if not I'd rewind to the end of the last one and start again. That's how I discovered Gil Scott Heron - just noticed I was keeping quite a bit of his work. Finally I had to go out and buy it because the radio was just too slow.
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