Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Plenty of African American Charisma

I've been watching Charismaallover's Weblog
produced by Tamarva Butler over a period of about 24 months. I happened to see it on the Blogged web site today and was pleased to see that it has become even better than it was the last time I saw it. Ms Butler's education in Communication has not gone to waste. The young sister has put together an interesting, visually pleasing site that informs and entertains.  This weblog is covering a variety of topics of interest to the African American viewer. I think it would be good for Black children also because Butler projects a very positive image as she touches historical and contemporary subjects. I cant' wait to see what she'll be producing when she turns pro. Check it out and see for yourself.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Oscar Grant Vigil 2010 /The Verdict

I'm posting this after the verdict has been passed.
Lot's of folks seem to think that poor Johannes Mehserle is getting a bad deal. I can't help but wonder how they feel about the deal the child of Oscar Grant is getting, Maybe in a fair world, if this really was an accident Mehserle would have to support Grant's family for the rest of his life.
 What was it that Grant was stopped for in the first place? Why was he even in custody? If Mehserle was so innocent why did he leave the State of California?
I firmly believe that had there been no witnesses,he wouldn't have faced any charges and the other officers would have all shot Grant in order to further blur the truth about who did the actual killing the way it was done with Sean Bell and Amidou Diallo.
Many white people seem to feel complaining about this case is whining but then since they, even when
guilty of something, are less likely to be stopped than an innocent black person, it's not their problem so we need to find a way to bring this to their front door.
The police according to the videos were already getting rough with Grant and his companions
while it's never been clear to me if they had been doing anything illegal at all.
With two cops already kneeling on his back why was it even necessary to even taser Grant ? It seems to me if they hadn't brutalized him in the first place he wouldn't have had to be defensive. Watching the videos I noticed that the witnesses were not pleased with the way the police were "handling these young men". Is it possible that Grant would have simply submitted if the police hadn't thrown him down and kneed him on the back and neck? Were they making an arrest or a display of public humiliation? Until these questions are addressed this case will never come out right. We have to come up with a way to make  sure that this maltreatment is stopped and soon.

Courtesy Documentary

     L.A. HipHop Weighs in on the Mehserle Verdict