Thursday, May 1, 2008

Where WIll Obama Be If He Loses the Nomination?

"The Media" made Obama and it can take him out.
Like I keep saying he's not where he is because anything he's done in the past. Neither is Clinton for that matter. Unfortunately as long as we passively wait for "leadership" to be picked for us we will waste valuable time and effort that could be used building real socio-political infrastructures as well as leadership. Watching the election process on TV is hardly different from watching any other so-called reality program. Why do I get the feeling I'm watching a version of "American Idol"?

I'm not worried about Obama, he came into this process as a Harvard lawyer and no matter what the outcome, he'll, be just fine. As for the rest of us I can't say the same thing.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Congo; 5 million deaths.

 Millions of Congolese die as mining companies extract precious metals.
Check out the story in The Black Agenda Report article entitled;

Congo: How Rich Whites Caused Five Million Blacks to Die



                             Wake Up World


Something all Black men, indeed all Americans, should never forget to tell ourselves. Then we might come up with the initiative to find the solution to end the lynching of Black men once and for all.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Police Who Murdered Sean Bell Fully Acquitted

Sean Bell and his fiancee Nicole Paultre

Undercover cops fired at least 50 rounds of bullets into a car carrying Sean Bell and two of his friends as they left Bell's bachelor party in the Jamaica section of Queens.