Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day - Be Black and Green

People of African descent are bigtime victims of pollution and
environmental mismanagement. Be aware of what's being done
to our people locally and globally and do what you can to act and/or
speak out against this outrageous treatment.

African-American children are three times as likely to die of asthma-related causes.

I scanned google for a few sites to get you started.

Good news

And of course, there is Lisa Jackson,
who in January became the first African-American head of the EPA.

Before joining the Obama administration,
Jackson was New Jersey’s commissioner for environmental protection,
where she proved that a tough administrator can use environmental
law to save African-American lives.
She pushed for tough new legislation against
the trucks and ships that ruined Newark’s air quality,
and she led over 1,000 compliance investigations in Camden and Paterson,
cities that had been ignored by previous commissioners.