Friday, August 30, 2013

A Lifeline to Our Young People

This program is already a few years old but I believe it's still very relevant and addresses issues that are very much the concern in our Black communities today. If you're concerned about the situation of youth in your community then this program will offer the viewpoint of young people as well as several insightful  and creative solutions. PLEASE take an hour of your time and listen to this. (You don't have to stream you can download and put it on your ipod or phone) Then take the discussion to your local community meeting. The Childhood Matters Organization is an excellent role model if you want to start something to address the problems of youth in your community.

Childhood Matters: Bringing Peace, Hope, and Opportunity to Our Communities--August 8, 2010

Recently Oakland has been in the news pertaining to four eruptions of civil disobedience over the past two years, much of which involved youth. Yet little news coverage has reflected on the root causes of widespread inner-city anger in underserved communities. Join Nurse Rona guests for a discussion about bringing peace and hope to our communities and creating economic opportunities and youth leadership:
  • Maya Dillard Smith, strategic partnerships and investments director for Youth Uprising.
  • Jakada Imani, executive director of Ella Baker Center for Human Rights