Thursday, October 14, 2010

National Heroes of Jamaica

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History of the British Empire

Time for a little break.

jetblakink | February 05, 2010
Queen Victoria, the monarchy, and the British Empire are built on theft, bloodshed and murder. The link between Great Britain, Africa, slavery, India, Afghanistan and many other ugly truths manifesting themselves in some form today, tends not to be widely taught in the UK. The result is that many people, even citizens of England live in absolute ignorance about how their country became a power in the world. However, this most excellent sketch by CBBC children TV show: Horrible Histories, episode 11, exposes the story for all and sundry.

People from the Caribbean supporting the war effort.

This is an interesting film to view for Black History Month.

BFIfilms | September 08, 2009

In this film, made during the Second World War by the Ministry of Information, a group of West Indians, led by Una Marson and Learie Constantine, assemble at Broadcasting House in London. They describe to listeners of a popular BBC radio series, 'Calling the West Indies', how people from the Caribbean are supporting the war effort. Constantine speaks about factory workers, and introduces some war-workers, including Ulric Cross, a bomber navigator from Trinidad. Cross tells of his work in the RAF and Carlton Fairweather introduces a film about lumbermen from British Honduras. The film ends with a dance in the BBC studio. (Stephen Bourne)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Black Britons ( Black History Month)

These videos have been designed as Lesson Starters - (key stage 3 for Teachers TV in English schools)

1 0f 4 - Black Britons

Britain's Black History 2 of 4 - Coffee Houses and the Slave "Trade"

Britain's Black History 3 of 4 - Gold

Britain's Black History 4 of 4 - The Obelisk

Black History Month in Germany (ATLANTIC REVIEW)

Americans and Brits don't have a monopoly on Black History or Black History month. I found a very interesting article in the Atlantic Review that shed some light on Black History Month in Germany.

Black History Month in Germany