Saturday, January 4, 2014

African American Legacy Project

African American Legacy Project - California: oral history

The Visual and Public Art (VPA) department of California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) in 
collaboration with the National Steinbeck Center of Salinas, California has undertaken a two-year project, 
African American Legacy on the Central Coast, that has included a series of exhibitions, special events and 
a conference.

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Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Jordan - Baby, It's cold outside

Mavis Staples "Eyes On The Prize"

Unemploynent, Stop and Search, Mass Incarceration, Stand Your Ground -- Did We Blink? Open 'em up folks. Focus!!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: Freedom Riders: The Music

 The riders caught the imagination of the nation and drew hundreds from all over the country to the Deep South to show their solidarity, making Jackson ground zero for the movement. Eventually, three hundred served time in Parchman: It became a badge of honor for the riders and a symbol of shame for Mississippi.

“How do you boil down the story to its essence and make sure it is the same story and not historically inaccurate?”

RATCo Gettysburg Performance: "I Shall Be Free"

I hope lots of people see this.
This is a fantastic interpretation of this song, talk about talent.

RATCo Selma is run by a core group of volunteers, many with professional theatre training and experience.  The youth in the program come mainly from disadvantaged situations, but the program is open to all. 

On Don Lemon, Race & "Respectability"

Some Jsmooth sarcasm from the summer of 2013, that burns J.