Thursday, March 5, 2009

The New Afriquest Database

I haven't tryed this out yet, I'll revisit the subject when I do.

February 26 -- After a successful beta period, Afriquest
(, the free online database for records of African and
African American genealogy and history, will officially launch on Saturday,
February 28.

The Afriquestdatabase will allow anyone to add records, including both text and images.

Furthermore, anyone will be able to access, print and use the records for
research purposes - absolutely free. The software is easy t0 use and has a powerful search engine to help readers quickly find what they are looking for.

Access to the entire content of the Afriquest database will always be free. That's what Afriquest is all about - keeping records of African
and African American genealogy and history free for anyone to access.
So every
record shared on Afriquest will not only be preserved, it will be free to access now and for generations to come.
As the databasegrows, Afriquest will become a valuable resourcefor genealogists, historians and educators.

About the collaborators:

WeRelate is a free
public-service wiki for genealogy sponsored by the Foundation for On-Line Genealogy, Inc.
in partnership with the Allen County Public Library.

The USF Africana Heritage Project
is an all-volunteer research project sponsored by the
Africana Studies department at the University of South Florida.
Their research mission is to rediscover records that document
the names and lives of slaves, freedpersons and their descendants
and share those records on the free Internet site

Their searchable online database contains more than 4,000 primary historical documents of interest to anyone researching
African American genealogy, history and culture.
For more information, please visit the USF Africana HeritageProject press kit at