Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mychal Bell Shoots Himself

  I have thus far seen two versions of this story. One purports that young Bell shot himself out of despair relating to a recent shoplifting accusation and the other that he was cleaning a gun and accidentally shot himself.
 I have also noted that there are those who have already tried and convicted Bell once again with statements the the affect that some people never learn or that Al Sharpton has yet again backed the wrong person.
 Well I'm not personally ready to give up on young Myke Bell so easily,  he has been living under a lot of stress and he has also been subjected to the full force of the racist Louisiana legal system which would all to gladly throw him under a bus rather than give him the chance that a young white boy would get for similar offences.

 Hang in there Mychal, there are people out here who do want to see you get it together.