Saturday, July 21, 2012

Senseless Gun Violence in America

As much as people appear to be shocked about the Aurora Colorado shootings, as much as I sympathize with their loss, how can they not know that this is on some level a daily occurence in America? Following are a few headlines from different  weekends this year (2012) in the city of Chicago. In fact since June 5th, 2012 Pastor Corey Brooks of Chicago Has been walking from NYC to LA in order to raise awareness and money to combat gun violence. It's a shame he didn't get the kind of press that this latest Colorado shooting has gotten, a quick glance at the few headlines I've supplied will tell you that there was already a problem of major proportions, in fact that doesn't even come close, considering that there have been hundreds of deaths by firearm already in Chicago alone this year. In many of these cases, if we take the necessary action many of  these deaths can be prevented. More Americans are losing their lives at home than overseas in combat. It should be abundantly clear that something is radically wrong with this picture.

Pittsburgh June 15, 2012
 Pastor Brooks is not only trying to increase awareness of this senseless violence but he also has a plan to combat it. It really looks as if he needs to be joined by a whole bunch more folks who should all be working together to bring down these numbers of homicides being committed in this country.  I've been  trying to blog and push this message regularly but my little blog alone can't match the need and the urgency of this message. Where is everyone? What are we waiting for?

Corey Brooks and Pat Quinn

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