Friday, March 27, 2009

Anaheim Police Officer Exonerated of Murdering Julian Alexander

I found this on story
I'll add an excerpt and if you're interested in the on going story of
young Black men that are being gunned down by police without any consequence do go read the whole article or you may alternately listen to the podcast available on the site.Read more at..

In the early morning hours of October 28th 2008, a 20 year old named Julian Alexander was fatally shot by an Anaheim police officer. Alexander’s crime: he was standing in his own front yard, attempting to protect himself and his pregnant wife with a stick in hand. Oh, and he happened to be black. The white officer, Kevin Flanagan had been chasing a group of juveniles who allegedly broke into a department store when he encountered Alexander. The newly married Anaheim resident had come out of his house to investigate the ruckus. After shooting him twice in the chest, Flanagan handcuffed him to the ground. Julian Alexander, who had just gotten married 9 days earlier, died after being taken to UCI Medical Center - his family claims he was delayed medical treatment as a result of being handcuffed. Within hours of the shooting, the Anaheim Police department issued an apology for the shooting, calling it a “tragic situation,” and clearing the victim of any wrong doing. Now, the Orange County District Attorney’s office has decided not to press charges against the police officer. Kevin Flanagan has been back on routine patrol duty since mid-December. There are currently two federal civil-rights lawsuits, filed by separate family members set to begin next month.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Aron Ranen's Black Hair Documentary Part One

Aron Ranen has put together a documentary about the Black Hair industry. Check it out and see what you think about how we Black folks are spending our money.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Michelle Obama 'Trashed' by Radio Host

I am not ready to come to the defense of the Obamas just because some big-mouthed, white, lesbian, twit, who works for Fox wants to be offensive. On the other hand I welcome the opportunity to evaluate whether or not her attack goes that next step and offends all of us. I also welcome any opportunity to slip it to Fox, which seems to me keeps a stable of these folks. I know she (Bruce) pissed me off and I'm not feelin' particularly protective of Barack and Michelle just yet. I know exactly what MO meant though, when she said our people thought she talked funny, like a white person. Obviously Bruce, like many other white (and some Black) folks, is totally unaware of the fact that we have our own language, which while we may use words that are found in the standard English dictionary we attribute different meanings and nuances to these words.
Those of us who are bilingual in Black - White English, will I'm sure, agree with me. Funny you'd think white folks would be hip to this fact by now, since a significant number of the new words in the dictionary come straight outta the hood.

I think I'm drifting. Anyway I do find Bruce's willingness to speak out so ignorantly on a subject which she obviously knows nothing about, to be offensive.
Also if she wants to call names she should remember that, it takes trash to know trash.

If you, like myself is not happy about this , for whatever reason
The Daily Kos had this to say.

Now, it is patently obvious superior individuals are running circles around the failed ideology of the Right - and they are predictably screaming like petulant children. Fine, I say - scream to your little hearts' content. I don't care if you seek therapy for your insecurities or buy a penis pump to improve your self-esteem. But don't you dare insult the First Lady of the United States of America like you did today. If you do, you can count on me and every progressive like me to wait in the tall grass for you. That means calls to have Bruce fired from Fox News - which are already in the works as I write this. That means journalistic hit pieces from every angle aimed directly at anyone who dares to launch insults of this classless nature at one who demands your respect. That means protests and boycotts of sponsors who allow smear scum like you to remain on the air.
These are not threats, Right-wingers. They are promises. Clean up your act and keep the dissent at least moderately civil - or our side will give you a media war from Hell you won't believe.
List of Fox News sponsors...and this is just the beginning:
Crest Whitestrips
Mercedes Benz
GMC Suv's
Best Buy
New Phase
Gold Bond
Aspercreme via email or via other
American Express
Holiday Inn Express
M Professional