Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cynthia McKinney - What We Want............

 Now I don't really believe, that Barak Obama is our "grassroots" candidate.Cynthia Mckinney still fills those shoes, she spoke out when we needed her.When she could have just as well stayed quietly and comfortably in herDemocratic seat in the house, Ms Mckinney was speaking out demanding that the tough questions be answered. She used her vantage point to scope info on the assassination of MLK and more. People should have known that from the reaction she was getting, that she was on to something, when merely asking "what did the Bush administration know about 9/11?", all hell broke lose.
Cynthia is still at work and we shouldn't forget about our friends. On Opios Podcast we can keep up, with this recent Mckinney interview.