Saturday, May 4, 2013

Assata ... are there POWs in US Prisons?

In these times when people are planting bombs, committing mass murders, stealing billions of dollars at a clip from the economic system and trying to dissasemble our basic civil rights. Who exactly decided that Assata Shakur, isolated in Cuba as she is, can really be one of the ten most dangerous threats and how could they justify this? Excuse me, did I say most dangerous? I guess most wanted is a little different. How different do you think?

 Some people such as those in the following video, believe that the featured people have been subjected to political arrests and assassinations, do you think this is true?

Political Prisoners and POWs in the U.S

The lives and words of Malcolm X, and the Black Panthers, and the Puerto Rican Independentistas are the framework for the histories of Geronimo Pratt, Dylcia Pagan, Mumia Abu Jamal and Alejandrina Torres. The isolation, physical abuse and injustice endured by the young activists trapped by COINTELPRO twenty years ago make a mockery of United States human rights policies. With Assata Shakur and William Morales, they are powerful voices for justice and self-determination. Coordinating Producers: Ada Gay Griffin (NY, NY)