Wednesday, August 27, 2014

R.I.P. William Greaves

William Greaves (October 8, 1926 – August 25, 2014)[1] is a documentary filmmaker and one of the pioneers of African-American filmmaking. He has produced over two hundred documentary films, having written and directed more than half of them. Greaves has garnered many accolades for his work, including four Emmy nominations. (Wikipedia)

Fighter for Freedom: The Frederick Douglass Story (1984)
Produced and Directed by William Greaves
Written by Lou Potter and William Greaves

The Face of US Racism - Emmet Till

August 28, 1955

Emmett Louis Till (July 25, 1941 – August 28, 1955) was an African-American boy who was murdered in Mississippi at the age of 14 after reportedly flirting with a white woman.

Christopher Benson is an Associate Professor of African American Studies, and Journalism at the University of Illinois, at Urbana-Champaign.