Thursday, February 14, 2008

Remembering Katrina (Common Ground)

WelcometoNOLA is a documentary about the heroic action of a few 
Americans in response to the needs created by Katrina. Working 
under the auspices of a group called Common Ground Collective they 
served tens of thousands of people in and around New Orleans.

“I know everyone in here has a horror story about Katrina,
 but now its time for rebuilding,” 
Malik Rahim, a founding member of Common Ground, ...

The following video is one, of a documentary series of 
12- WelcometoNOLA-videos

Welcome to New Orleans 7 of 12 - Vigilantes & Complications

Some of this material is quite shocking so be for-warned.
Click here to see the complete WelcometoNOLA series.