Monday, July 15, 2013

Hopefully we can rally around Trayvon Martin and bring out voters for the coming elections.

 It's clear to me that while many suppose that the outcry of injustice is coming from African Americans, there are many more voices than just our Black citizens speaking out in protest to the result of this trial. Many of us know that however this trial may have turned out technically that justice was somehow not served.

 We have all been watching this event from the beginning and we remember that the Sanford police were very quick to send Zimmerman home in spite of the fact that they knew that they had told Zimmerman to leave Martin to them and they knew it was Zimmerman who brought the weapon into the equation. In fact, it was only after a certain amout of protest that Zimmerman was brought up on charges. This was long after the opportunity to conduct a truly through investigation had passed. Here we have to ask ourselves, did race enter into the picture in the police investigation (or nonchalance of it)?

 We all can understand that a young person walking through his community minding his own business, is not supposed to wind up shot to death by an armed vigilante. What's worse though, is that somehow the fault for the killing is transfered to the person who was in fact the victim. We can all imagine the fear that Martin felt on discovering that some weird man was following him. What's more difficult is the fear that Zimmerman felt as he stalked Martin to the point of confrontation. So it's hard to believe that it wasn't in fact the unarmed Martin who was fighting in fear of his life. The only real witness to the contrary is the killer. I imagine that the defense lawyers used this lack of witnesses to good advantage but we all know that the instigator of this confrontation was Zimmerman and that somehow he must bare a greater amount of responsibility for the outcome. We all also know, that the chances are, if Martin had been able to disarm and kill Zimmerman a different set of rules would have been applied from the outset.

 In all of the recent protests of this trial, I see many Americans expressing their outrage at this obvious shortcome of justice. These are all people who want to see this broken system undergo a major overhaul so that we can move forward as a nation in an increasingly competetive world, rather than remain crippled by a self-defeating system that divides us and weakens the nation as a whole, by having us work at cross-purposes. Instead of using our resources to strengthen and build national unity among us too many politicians and business interests are serving their own self-interests at the expense of all of us.

 I hope that these protests will translate into voters and representatives that that will be more aware of where we are going in the upcoming elections.
Let's build on the policy of including all and drawing on our collective  strength rather than continuing down the path of death by division.