Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Young unarmed Black father Oscar Grant killed by police

On January 1, 2009 A young Black father, Oscar Grant, was shot in the back by a Bay Area Rapid Transit Officer. This young man, mr. Grant according to all the witness reports I can find was lying quietly on his stomach with his hands behind his back cooperating fully with the police and the officer just took out his weapon and shot him in the back.

I wasn't personally on the scene so I can only pass on the the info I can find online. I welcome the comments of anyone who knows more about this case.

I hope we will all be watching this case carefully and trying to come together in order to bring an end to the fatal treatment of our young men
at the hands of the police. Usually when one fires his gun they all do so you can't tell who did the actual killing. This time apparently there is someone to hold accountable.

New Footage of Oakland Man Murdered By BART Cop
by Oakland Police Cop Watch Blog ( ORGANIZEOAKLAND [at] YAHOO.COM )
Tuesday Jan 6th, 2009 2:20 PM

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Here is a youtube account of an eye witness who in fact recorded some of what she saw.

An audio account by Davey D, on Breakdown FM 

For more see this article in The Hinterland Gazette.

 (01-05) 22:30 PST PST Oakland -- Five days have passed since a BART police officer shot and killed an unarmed rider on a station platform, but the officer has not given a statement to investigators about what happened and the transit agency has apparently not forced him to do so.  read more...

 It's time for this type of nonsense to end folks, what an insult to Black Americans 
that Oscar  Grant's life means so little that they can be this lackadaisical about this

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