Friday, January 9, 2009

Riots - Unrest in The Bay Area over Oscar Grant Slaying

 The is outrage being expressed in Oakland over the slaying of young
Oscar Grant.  The police are arresting people already, I can't help but 
think that if they had taken Grant's slayer into custody, if only for 
questioning, rather than giving him a paid leave some of this outrage 
may have been avoided.

 On the other hand, call me paranoid but I always have the nagging 
feeling that  rioting is exactly what the police wish to see happen
 then, like Grant's slayer, they get to play with all their toys. 

 I saw an interesting piece in the Mercury News
This gives us an insight on the historical relations between 
minorities and the privileged citizens of the area.

 Another blog called When I Write had a local feel with the piece,
“Only in Cali where we riot not rally” - [Oscar Grant Protest Turns Ugly]

In the meantime Johannes Mehserle the office who shot and killed Grant
has quit his job with BART and left apparently left without saying 
anything to his bosses.

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