Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oscar Grant -Robbie Tolan -Adolph (Chris) Grimes

Oscar Grant -Robbie Tolan -Adolph (Chris) Grimes
Young Black American Men Gunned down by Police 
In The first Week of  2009.

Is there anything we can do about it.

Yes We Can.

We can work together.
We can put our money to better use from now on.
We can create jobs in our own communities.
We can educate our  youth of their true history.
We can build and or rebuild our community infrastructure.
We can support those who are already working
in our communities for our benefit.
We can continue to take an active part in local
and state politics.
We can teach our youth to respect and defend the community
rather than kill each other.
We can do anything we decide to do and we don't have
to wait for anyone to do it for us.

Sista Soulja has been addressing the problem for quite some time now.
She makes it very clear in the following piece.
If you listen carefully I believe you will hear her say,

sista soulja speaks

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