Friday, July 8, 2016

More Mass Killing In The USA - Get some help America!

 Since 1968, at least 1.4 million Americans have been killed by guns—more than all the U.S.'s accumulated war dead in that same period.

 Well I hope the police in the US don't decide that the action of one person, who decided to take out his frustration on the Dallas police by committing a mass attack on white policemen there, is very different from any other mass killing that we've been witnessing. No one is safe as long as we continue to place assault weapons into the hands of those who are willing to pick people as targets and start shooting. They can be children at a daycare, Black churchgoers, military personnel, LGBT people, planned parenthood advocates or just random folks at the wrong place at the wrong time. America is slowly killing itself from the inside. The country is sick and in need of treatment very badly. Now is not the time for more paranoia. Now is the time for sincere soul searching and some very serious group therapy on a mass level. Get some help America before you go beyond the point of no return!

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