Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pastor Corey Brooks - In Search of America's Soul

In an effort to bring about the awareness of the violence that is taking the lives of so many young Black men and boys in America, Pastor Corey has undertaken a Walk Across America    

In Pastor Brooks' words,
"If you think I'm walking across America to bring attention to myself you out your... mind. Do I have a witness in here," said New Beginning Church Pastor Corey Brooks.
"I want to walk across America because too many black boys are dying at the hands of other black boys and ain't nobody saying nothing and somebody's got to face the challenge."

 I'm anxious to see just where the soul of America is myself. I personally feel that pastor Brooks "Walk Across America" would be more effective with better publicity unfortunately I'm not a publicist and quite possibly Pastor Brooks isn't either. On the other hand I don't believe Karen Klein (the bullied granny bus monitor) is a publicist, yet I see on youtube a video titled - Bullied bus monitor receives $633 Grand in online donations in less than a week. While I don't feel that the poor woman should have been treated in such a manor, I also don't think she should have been employed as a bus monitor in the first place. She is in affect, receiving all that dough because she wasn't qualified for the job she was hired to do, go figure. Then there's the case of George Zimmerman who stalked Trayvon Martin to death then promptly went and raised $200,000 dollars online in less than a month to defend his act. I don't believe Zimmerman is a publicist either, so perhaps I'm off the mark about the publcist thing. What then, is it going to take to get some resources and attention on the plight of young Black boys and men in America?
Answers anyone?

 In the meantime Pastor Brooks has put forth an effort and everyone who is concerned about the soul of America, IMO should be doing all they can to support him in his effort. There has never been, nor would there ever have been,  an America or a soul of America, without young Black men. Consider this fact very caerfully America.

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