Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dedication to Pastor Corey Brooks - Walk On Brother Corey Brooks

 When I was coming up, this song was a common inspiration to many of us when we felt as if things were getting to be just too much. Even though I'm dedicating it to Pastor Brooks,  don't hesitate to recognize that it can be an important reminder to all of us that we're in this thing together and that there is a higher power that we can summon to our aid, especially if we do it together.  It's been too long that too many of us have allowed ourselves to be bullied and marginalized and cowed into believing that we are not able to step out and take charge of our destiny. Pastor Brooks Walk Across America serves as a reminder to us all, that our young people are in need of all the help we can give them  - right now. It is paramount that we do all we can, to set things right with them and put them on a path to a healthier, secure and more robust social and economic situation, for the sake of out future generations.

 Walk On

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