Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Pastor Corey Brooks Is Walking Across America to raise awareness of the extreme state of violence and death in Black Chicago and other parts of the US and to raise money to help combat this situation. Isn't there something we, as Black Bloggers can do to help support this brother in his effort on OUR behalf? I'm checking  out his videos on youtube and the lack of interest is truly telling. It's obvious the we have not been carrying the ball very well.
Pastor Corey Brooks

The research may not be easy but why can't we try to have the good pastor have supporters meeting him and cheering him on as he passes through the country side or sending him emails of support or better yet money to help him in his endevours. We all know that Chicago is dire need of men like this more than ever.

 Please people let's go out of the way to create some buzz around this man's efforts or maybe just get out of the game because if we're not able to do this then maybe we're just kidding ourselves about the blogging thing.



The Storyteller said...

This is Nikesha from Just wanted to say thank you for listing me in your blog roll.

Myra J. Bobo-Pickens said...

Thank you brother. May GOD bless you. May other brothers join you. It will take strong black men to help our people wake up and redirect our path.

Prospector said...

No need to thank me sister. Pastor Brooks is the one doing the leg work. I'm just trying to remind folks that if we don't get behind people like the good pastor then we'll all be the worse for our lack of involvement.