Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Curtis Mayfield - So In Love- Black Music Month 2012

Curtis Mayfield is my pick for Black Music Month 2012
Whether it was a love song, an anthem or a song documenting life in the hood, Curtis Mayfield always sang it the "right" way.
Talent, Charm, Taste and Pride are words that come to my mind whenever I think of this brother and his work. Thank goodness he left us such an exemplory body of work through which we can remember ourselves as well as him.

Curtis Mayfield could describe our situation in a song  such as "Little Child Running Wild" then come up with solution in a song like "Move on up" This brother was a real messenger whose work we should keep alive, to inspire us daily.

Many Thanks Curtis, for everything. I can't possibly say enough to describe your contribution, we'll just have to let the music you left us speak for itself.

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Kataurus Braswell said...

Man, I love Curtis. Ive been a fan since I was a little rug rat. That was a deep brother. www.blackconvo.com