Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sept 16, 2008 A Black Man Was Dragged to Death in Paris, Texas

 On September 16, 2008 - not 1908,  Brandon McClelland was dragged to his death by  2 white men in a pickup truck. Apparently the authorities tried to hush this up but it's coming out just the same. I first became aware of this atrocity today while listening to a report on Breakdown FM
entitled - Horror-in-Paris-Texas. Paris Texas, infamous for the 1893 lynching of Henry Smith.
The same Paris Texas where 15 year old Shaquandra Cotton was sentenced to 7 years for shoving a 58 year old hall monitor, in spite of the fact that this was her first offense of any kind.

See the Final Call article by Jesse Muhamed titled Jasper-style lynching in Paris, Texas?

      Now where's the outrage? Here's some.

 It really is time for a change folks, wouldn't you say?
Let's start by paying more attention to local politics for a change.
It's time to get involved on a scale like never before and elect some our
own representatives to these city councils  and school boards and such.
It's time to start petitioning issues we feel strongly about and not spending
money in places that don't benefit our communities.
While we're at we need to start changing some of this high security
legislation designed to protect us from ourselves. Yeah we want Change! 

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