Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Congratulations President elect Barack Hussein Obama

From now on there will be no sideways glances when a Black child says,
"I want to be President of The United States".

 President elect Obama delivered a speech after his victory that I can
only describe as perfection.  

He acknowledged those who helped him with the election, which included
his family, his campaign team and the voters. 

He acknowledged his opposition and their concerns and started right away 
by offering an olive branch to start the healing process. 

He spoke of the work that lies ahead for all of us and  tasked all to be
prepared to work and sacrifice to restore the republic to it's place in 
the sun.

The speech was not about himself at all but about all of us. I loved it
and even teared up.

 I am still  wondering where these multi millions of dollars in 
campaign money came from though.

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