Friday, November 7, 2008

Obama is Elected the Community Work Must Continue

I am excited to have had the opportunity in my lifetime, to have witnessed the election of a Black man to the office of POTUS. As far as I can see looking around me, I am not alone. Black folks not just in the US but the world over, are charged up and inspired and expressing positive thoughts about themselves and the race as a whole. I've seen quite a few interviews where people are already saying that they feel like if he can do it they can likewise achieve their loftier goals.

I am a firm believer in the idea that things happen because people expect them to happen and thus take steps to bring about the reality.
On the other hand when people expect things to happen because others are going to make them come about, disappointment often follows.

If Obama does nothing else he has supplied us, at
least for the present with a focal point and a suitable mantra that everyone is capable of understanding (Yes We Can).

We are way behind on the scoreboard but for the moment the ball is in our possession I hope we don't get distracted and fumble right away.

Community organizing redeemed



There are two key camps that feel invested in the Obama presidency: the millions who each gave a little, and the few who gave millions. The big-money interests have means to gain access. They know how to get meetings in the White House, and they know what lobbyists to hire. But the millions who donated, who volunteered, who were inspired to vote for the first time actually have more power, when organized.

Before heading over to Grant Park in Chicago, Obama sent a note (texted and e-mailed) to millions of supporters. It read, in part: "We just made history. And I don't want you to forget how we did it. ...

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