Sunday, January 20, 2008

Black Media Archive

Black History Month is coming up soon  and this site is a natural. You must check out this group of sites.
The Black Media Archive podcast is a collection of multimedia, audio,
video, text and image files. The site is updated regularly and contains a broad range of material including speeches, old movies, interviews with Black historical figures, as well as presentations of historical Black events. This site is a excellent place to gather material for the education and inspiration of Black children. I want to say that if you've been sent to the wrong place that BMA is now on iTunes and the above link has been repaired.

The opening videomix "Awakening" on the BMA web site is an inspirational work of art, don't skip it.

There is also a BMA Blog, at where you can read  commentary on each episode of the podcast and comment on them if you choose.

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