Monday, January 21, 2008

Africa! Africa!

Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin

"Bodies are flying through the air as if the laws of gravity do not apply to them, while a contortionist is slipping through a tennis racket, making us forget that the human body has a skeleton. Breathtaking acrobatics, mind-boggling juggling and dare-devil human pyramids. André Heller has managed to put up a show which is the antipode of what we usually learn about Africa."

Kleine Zeitung

"If the African artistes were to choose a motto for their show like their Chinese colleagues, it would surely be: May the show elate everybody! This became evident on the occasion of the first night premiere without having been vocalised. Format Currently, the most successful show worldwide.“

Europe is being treated to a spectacular show out of Africa called AFRICA! AFRICA!. It's gotten rave reviews everywhere. I hope some day it will find it's way to North America, we need a good injection of  African culture from the motherland.

For now we'll have to get a taste from YouTube

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