Saturday, January 26, 2008

black looks

black looks - looks good. This blog is another African grassroots site, that concentrates on rights, dignity and quality of life. A quick glance a their categories index (just below) should give you an idea of the content. This blog leans towards women's issues but still covers many general topics that we are all concerned with. The archives go back to June 2004 so we are also able to get a nice perspective of their subject matter.

Podcast (rss) (4)
Poetry (rss) (59)
Poverty (rss) (9)
Quick Links (rss) (4)
Racism (rss) (120)
Refugees (rss) (19)
Religion (rss) (4)
Rice Watch (rss) (8)

I'm mainly interested in the podcasts which I give top marks for subject matter and quality sound. There is also a page of embedded videos that you should check out.
I'm sure there will be more coming. :-)

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