Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ray & Janay Rice - What does the Media want?

You've already seen the images. 
I turned on my TV this morning and the first image I saw was Ray Rice punching out his wife fiancé. That's enough already. What the hell is the point they are trying to make? Rice and his wife need to go to counselling if they want to overcome this problem that they have. It's not necessary to take his job, it's not necessary for the Rices to pay for every couple that has had a domestic violence situation (there must be tens or hundreds of thousands) in the US alone. This feels like a big time distraction that the media is trying to pull off. Slight of hand if you will. What is that we should be paying closer attention to. The shooting down of young Black men and women comes to mind. How about, the world may well be on the brink of a war in the Middle East that is even bigger than the last 4 or 5? Whatever it is we'd better start looking for it ourselves because the mass media seems to be stuck on the personal lives of one couple and instead of taking advantage of everyone's attention to demonstrate how this tragic situation might be alleviated with the help of professional social services they demonize the man and disregard the woman to the extent that it will be very difficult for this couple to salvage their union if that's what they want. Whatever the Rices do, it is hardly warranting top coverage on the news day after day. I can only think that the media has some kind of agenda or they are just so incompetent as to not be worth watching.

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Unfortunately for the Rices they have become a lighting rod for the domestic violence. If you are sufficiently famous, don't do anything wrong in an elevator because TMZ will make your indiscretion public--The personal lives of those be damned. TMZ should be accountable in some way.

Ray loosing his job is a tragedy for Janay, the very person we are supposedly trying to help. The reality this is all about revenue for all the media outlets concerned and at this instant Ray's knockout of Janay is big opportunity to generate revenue. After has the media has moved on, in 15 minutes, along with all those who care so much about domestic violence, Ray and Janay will still have lost tens of millions of dollars, and suffered an even greater personal embarrassment.

Hopefully Ray will still get the help he obviously needs, now more than ever.