Saturday, September 13, 2014

Updated!!!! #boycottthehumanzoo - A message to Africans and the African diaspora.

It's time for the Lion to tell his own history and forget the tall tales of Hunter.
Africans the world over have for too long have been having our history handed down by people who really don't have the ability to comprehend the African experience. 

"‘Exhibit B’ recreates, in graphic detail, the lesser known atrocities of colonialism and slavery. Bailey, a white South African, uses black performers to present his fetishized interpretation of the African Holocaust. Images of the exhibition have sent shock waves through the Black community and beyond.

Who are #boycottthehumanzoo?
We are 18,000 and growing we are ordinary individuals and organizations who believe ‘Exhibit B’ crosses a moral boundary and enough is enough!
The petition was created by Sara Myers who felt compelled to speak out against such a monumental step backwards for the UK. Sara says it is vital that Africans hold the keys to their own history. “The African narrative is always being told from a colonialist and imperialistic viewpoint, that they are the victors and we are victims, when there is so much more to African
history. It’s time to tell our own story. “

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