Monday, February 1, 2010

African History by Basil Davidson Pt. 1

I collected this interesting series on youtube.

Basil Davidson (born 9 November 1914 in Bristol, England) is an acclaimed British historian, writer and Africanist, particularly knowledgeable on the subject of Portuguese Africa prior to the 1974 Carnation Revolution .

He has written several books on the current plight of Africa. Colonialism and the rise of African emancipation movements have been central themes of his work.

Since 1951, he became a well known authority on African history, an unfashionable subject in the 1950s. His writings have emphasised the pre-colonial achievements of Africans, the disastrous effects of the Atlantic Slave Trade, the further damage inflicted on Africa by European colonialism and the baleful effects of the Nation State in Africa.

Davidson's works are required reading in many British universities. He is globally recognized as an expert on African History.

He currently lives in Staffordshire

1 Different but Equal

Basil Davidson

2 Mastering a Continent

3 Caravans of Gold

4 The King & The City

5 The Bible & The Gun

6 The Magnificent African Cake

7 The Rise of Nationalism

8 The Legacy

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