Monday, August 4, 2014

Benjamin Hooks interviewed by Richard D. Heffner on Affirmative Action (The Open Mind) 1983

 In 1983 Benjamin Hooks was interviewed on the program "The Open Mind" on the subject of Civil Rights and the effects of affirmative action laws. Listen to mr. Hooks and see if you think his assessment of the state of affirmative action is on target.  Hooks offers some interesting solutions and makes some interesting comparisons re: making affirmative action work. Do you believe any of these solutions have been earnestly attempted.

 They discuss the subject of activist American leadership. Where are the contemporary leadership going to come from? Who do you think has stood out from the crowd since that time?

 Thirty years later can you see any points that Mr. Hooks was missing?  What about mass incarceration do you think it's possible that affirmative action caused mainstream-Americans overlook the incarceration of many young African-Americans, in order to remove them from the affirmative action formula?

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