Sunday, October 25, 2009

Young Black Woman Facing 15 yrs for Jumping Line?

We really do need to get our collective act together and put a system in place for handling this kind of thing, which is popping up as often as ever, it seems to me.
Issues like the Jena 6, or the executions of Sean Bell and Oscar grant and the general injustices Black folks have to deal with, won't ever just go away if we wait for the "good will" of white people to kick in. while I'm sure that there are white people out there who possess the good will to support our cause, we must take the lead and take the situation in hand.

Now I am reading about Heather Ellis of Kennett, Mo.who is facing 15 years in prison after cutting line in Walmart. ( I wonder what would happen if all the Black folks in the US declared a 1 month moratorium on shopping at Walmart? Do you think we could convince the good folks at Walmart to hire some top legal minds to defend this sister?) We have to stop acting like losers and play to our strength.

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Rick said...

Why did she cut the line? Was there a personal emergency? How many people in line? What were the circumstances? Did a donnybrook occur? Why were police called - it doesn't give info! So elaborate please.