Friday, February 22, 2008

Center for African American Genealogical Research, Inc.

is an organization that came to my attention when I was researching The Little Ark Baptist Church. They had an article about the cemetery that's connected to the church. As I explored their web site I found some very interesting features.

 I have only relatively recently taken an interest in my family history, which lead me to discover one of the more important web sites called I found details of my family on both sides that neither myself nor some of the older members of my family knew. Thus far I have been able to trace my ancestors back to the late 1700s and I'm not completely stuck yet. I have even been able to find my great great grandfather's civil war record, as well as a record of his father's death. The thing about is that there is a yearly subscription fee which while not extravagant can be a bit much if your budget is tight, as was the case for myself this year.

This is where the importance of my discovery of the CAAGRI comes in.
They offer a number of very important services as well as the opportunity to involve yourself in this very important research.

First a free membership in organization entitles you to use a database of census records to search for your African American ancestors. These are the similar to records I used to discover tons of information about my forefathers this resource is invaluable if you want to do any serious online research.

Next you have the opportunity to volunteer and aid others and as well as the general cause of this very important historical research.
Actually if it wasn't for a list I found that someone considerately posted online my search would have been more difficult.

I don't need to say much more on this subject a visit to their web site can tell you much more than I can.

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