Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Black Man's Burden

        By H. T. Johnson, D.D., Ph.D.

The "Black Man's Burden" was delivered at my request
to a large and appreciative audience on the closing
evening of my Nova Scotia Conference, in Halifax,
August 21, 1899. For an hour the rapt attention of the
intelligent audience, punctuated with frequent outbursts
of applause, was a sufficient testimonial to Dr. Johnson's
mastery of the subject, and the occasion. The action of
the audience in requesting its publication, after an
unanimous vote of thanks to the lecturer, bespeak more
for the value of the lecture than any word I may further add.

One of the Bishops A. M. E. Church.


The appearance of this lecture in its present form is due to
the unanimous action of the audience in Halifax, Nova Scotia,
before whom it was first delivered.
By rising, unanimous vote it was resolved that the lecturer
be tendered an expression of gratitude and approbation for his able,
instructive, and valuable address on "The Black Man's Burden."
In view of its wholesome truths and practical data,
touching the history, achievements and prospects of the
colored people of America, it was a united request that the lecture
be published and placed within the reach of thousands who could
not be present to hear it.

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