Monday, November 21, 2016

A concise message to "law enforcement" from the hood.

 I saw this video on FB and it struck me as one of the clearest messages that I have seen from a member of the Black community to law enforcement officers.  I felt like here's someone that is expressing the feelings of millions of Black Americans in a way, that I can safely say, speaks for nearly all of us. Ultimately it is a message not only to "law enforcement" but to the system that permits the widespread abuse of power that is employed by these "civil servants". The abuse which would not be possible without  at least some kind of tacit permission from the system at large.
 I urge you to share this message in the hopes that at least a few "good" people see it and absorb it's gravity and that those of us who are the recipients of this ill-treatment better understand the need to come together and actively work toward the resolution of this situation.  

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