Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Cecile Emeke is still at it. The Young Black Voice.

 The Strolling series by the young producer Cecile Emeke is, in my opinion, one of the best things to happen in Black media in recent years. Ms Emeke is in the act of combining the power of social media with her knack for video storytelling and presenting the voices of young artculate and efflorescent Black people from various localities (so far in Europe). She is giving them the opportunity to freely express their feelings with regard to the various cultures that they find themselves at once immersed in and excluded from. The series is not only one of the few outlets that allows these young people to vent their feelings but at the same time it demonstrates clearly their diversity. Each subject has his or her own unique story about their impressions and experiences in their particular society which, I feel, were very well told.
 I see that this is a work in progress and I hope we will all recognize and support this effort for the valuable service that it brings to the people of the African diaspora wherever we find ourselves. I also hope that the series will stimulate others to share their talents with us while creating works that unify us to the same degree as Cecile Emeke is doing.
I am so impressed with the work this young woman is doing. I hope we are sharing these videos to the max.

Click here to visit Cecile Emeke's Youtube channel

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