Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Historic London Conference - First Voice: Dialogue with the Diaspora*

On Saturday 25 October 2003 The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone presented a conference for Black History Month 2003, which was in my opinion an historic event in itself. The title was 
The presenters were historians and scholars and the descendants of Africans from the diaspora who distinguished themselves throughout the 20th century with their efforts to uplift and unite the peoples of Africa the world over.
I found the videos that follow on the youtube channel of Donovan Fontaine so I don't know if the speakers represent all who spoke at the conference or not. I do know, that everything he has shared with us is definitely worth watching and sharing. I only hope that all of these presentations will be available for many people to see for a long time to come(ie. archived), so that this info can continue to be of use to coming generations. Props to Mr. Fontaine.

Mayor of London Ken Livingstone

Dr Runoko Rashidi Chapter 1

Dr Abdul Alkalimat Chapter 2.

 Dr Hakim Adi Chapter 3

Dr. David Graham Dubois Chapter 4

Dr Gorkeh Gamal Nkrumah Chapter 5

Paul Robeson Jr, Chapter 6

Attallah Shabazz Chapter 7

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