Saturday, September 27, 2014

Abuse of police power is out of hand.

This is a sad state of affairs. Too many young Americans have been and are being subjected to this treatment.  It's time to speak out (everyone) about abuse of police power. When all of this extraneous contact is being made, it can easily lead to serious or even fatal events occurring over what was initially nothing.

Seatbelt violation??? To many stops and the occurrence of undesirable events increases proportionally. Dashcams, personal recording devices and cell phone videos are now bringing into the light of day just how often this type of thing happens. No longer are police able to fabricate stories and be believed on their own testimony because witnesses are recording their actions. Stories like handcuffed young black men are producing guns and shooting themselves in the back are beginning to have less credibility. Without the video evidence, I don't doubt that the cop below would have sworn he thought that he saw a weapon.

Seatbelt Violation. Whatever came of this?
 These are just 2 examples of what plays out daily for young people of color. This type of thing happens far more often than these people actually committing crimes.

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