Friday, February 28, 2014

Black History Month 2014 Closing - Women's History Month Opening ;)

Well it's been a lot of fun sharing with and learning from my sisters and brothers once again for
Black History Month. For those of you who think that BHM in February is just too short, I say don't fret.

 March is "Women's History Month" and if you're a creative type, it won't take much imagination to see that you can feel free to dedicate this entire month to the extensive history of Black Women. You can go back as far as the mitochondrial Eve if you like, so I don't believe you'll be running short on history for the month of March.

  I have to say here, if that's still not enough for you then April is "National Poetry Month" if you catch my drift. Now between Phyliss Wheatly and the present day slam, hip hop, and other Black artists and writers you'll have your hands full. I doubt that you'll be able to cover even a fraction of Black literary notables that have graced the shores of this nation.

That  said let's close Black History Month with the Black National Anthem

"Lift Every Voice And Sing"

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