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African American Stories of the Past

Destination Freedom
Stories of noteworthy Black Americans.
Old Time Radio Series in the Public Domain


This landmark Chicago-based 1948-51 series was one of radio's first to profile African American history with the cooperation of The Chicago Defender. Cast includes Arthur Peterson, Fred Pinkard, Horace Games, Janice Kingslow, Jonathan Hole, Louise Pruitt, Maurice Copeland, Oscar Brown Jr., Stuart Sklam, Greg Pascal (singer) and announcers Hugh Downs and Charles Mountain. Music by Bobby Christian and Elwyn Owen.

It's perfect as a teaching tool for youngsters.
These are very well produced episodes. Each production runs about 30 minutes. The audio quality is very good. They may be downloaded  and shared as part of a lesson or mixtape or just for addition to your iPod. I found the review by Assam (below) helpful.

Search the Internet Archive for many more obscure audio, video and text files on many topics.

Reviewer: Assam - 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars - November 30, 2010
Subject: History of the Negro people of the USA
A series of very high quality sketches and dramatised biographies of noteworthy black americans, with an emphasis on civil rights, Jim Crow-busting, and in freedom in general.

To aid searches, here is a list of the subjects of each piece where it is not otherwise obvious.

The Knock-Kneed Man {Crispus Attucks}
Railway to Freedom {Harriet Tubman}
Dark Explorers {Moors in New Spain}
The Making of a Man {Frederick Douglass}
The Key to Freedom {Frederick Douglass}
The Heart of George Cotton {Drs Daniel Wms & Ulysses Grant Daly}
Arctic Autograph {Matthew Hansen}
The Story of 1875 {Charles Caldwell}
Poet in Pine Mill {George Weldon Johnson}
Shakespeare of {Harlem Langston}
Citizen {Toussaint l'Ouverture}
Little David {Joe Louis}
The Boy Who Was Traded for a Horse {George Washington Carver}
Echoes of Harlem {Duke Ellington}
The Rhyme of the Ancient Dodger {Jackie Robinson}
Peace Mediator {Ralph J Fudge}
Black Boy {Richard Wright}
Help the Blind {Josh White}
The Ballad of {Satchel Paige}
The Saga of Melody Jackson {Henry Armstrong}
Anatomy of an Ordinance {Rev Archibald Kerry}
Negro Cinderella {Lena Horne}
Ghost Editor {Roscoe Dungee}
Norfolk Miracle {Dorothy Mayner}
The Trumpet Talks {Louis Armstrong}
The Long Road {Mary Church Tarot}
Black Hamlet {Henri Christophe}
Father to Son {William Clayton Powell}
Of Blood and the Boogie {Albert Hammond}
The Man Who Owned Chicago {Jean-Baptiste du Saint}
The Birth of a League {Northern Migration}
Premonition of the Panther {Sugar Ray Robinson}
The Liberators {William Lloyd Garrison & Wendell Phillips}
The Shy Boy {Fats Waller}
Kansas City Phone Call {Nat King Cole}
Last Letter Home {33nd Fighter Group}

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